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Last active Aug 7, 2020
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0xDoc Documentation

0x Doc


0x Doc was created to serve technically-savvy users such as market-makers, 0x API integrators, and RFQ providers that want to gain more insight from the on-chain magic that happens in 0x.

How does it work?

0x Doc Simply paste in a 0x V3 Signed Order, and the “doc” will provide detailed explanation of the order, select how much of the trade you want to take, simulate the trade using the blockchain, and ultimately sign and broadcast the transaction on-chain.

Who is this tool for?

This can be useful for market makers (RFQ and Open Orderbook) that want to test their hedging functionality, it can provide validation to new 0x makers that their backends are working (allowing them to test cancellations, and order signatures), and it can allow the 0x Protocol team to test DexForwarderBridge orders. Even if 0xDoc is tailored to advanced users, this feature can also be used for OTC-style trading: a taker can simulate a OTC-style trade and read the exact amount and rate they are going to receive for their trade.

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