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from typing import Tuple, NamedTuple, List, Optional, Dict
class SpendResult(NamedTuple):
is_successful: bool
remaining_balance: int
class Bank(object):
def __init__(self) -> None:
self.name_to_customer_map: Dict[str, Customer] = {}
def add_customers(self, *customers: Customer) -> List[bool]:
results = []
for customer in customers:
if in self.name_to_customer_map:
self.name_to_customer_map[] = customer
return results
def transfer_funds(self, customer_a_name: str, customer_b_name: str, value: int) -> bool:
if customer_a_name not in self.name_to_customer_map or customer_b_name not in self.name_to_customer_map:
return False
primary_acct_a = self.name_to_customer_map[customer_a_name].primary_account
primary_acct_b = self.name_to_customer_map[customer_b_name].primary_account
if primary_acct_a is None or primary_acct_b is None:
return False
if primary_acct_a.spend(value).is_successful:
return True
return False
class Customer(object):
def __init__(self, name: str) -> None: = name
self.accounts: List[Account] = []
self.primary_account_name: Optional[str] = None
def add_account(self, account: Account, is_primary: bool = False):
if is_primary:
self.primary_account_name =
def get_account_by_name(self, name: str) -> Optional[Account]:
for account in self.accounts:
if == name:
return account
return None
def primary_account(self) -> Optional[Account]:
if self.primary_account_name is None:
return None
return self.get_account_by_name(self.primary_account_name)
class Account(object):
def __init__(self, name: str, initial_balance: int) -> None: = name
self.initial_balance = initial_balance
def credit(self, value: int) -> bool:
if value <= 0:
return False
self.initial_balance += value
return True
def spend(self, value: int) -> SpendResult:
if value <= 0:
return SpendResult(False, self.initial_balance)
if value > self.initial_balance:
return SpendResult(False, self.initial_balance)
self.initial_balance -= value
return SpendResult(True, self.initial_balance)
def sum_two_number(arg_a: int, arg_b: int) -> int:
return arg_a + arg_b
def main() -> None:
res = sum_two_number(3, 4)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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