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LayeredFS patching guide

Luma LayeredFS game patching guide

This is a guide for patching a game with Luma's built-in LayeredFS feature. This requires the latest Luma3DS and b9s. They can be installed using the guide if you have not already.

Dumping RomFS from a game

You can dump RomFS from any game using Godmode9. The RomFS can be used with some patchers or for exploring and modifying the game files yourself. A detailed tutorial on dumping RomFS from games can be found here.

Enabling Luma LayeredFS game patching

  1. Power off your console
  2. Boot your console while holding (Select) to launch the Luma configuration menu
  3. Use the (A) button and the D-Pad to turn on the following:
  • “Enable game patching”
  • In some cases it may already be enabled. If so, proceed to the next step  
  • For a full list of features that this setting enables, see Luma3DS' wiki
  1. Press (Start) to save and reboot

Applying patches

Patches that work with LayeredFS come as folders (or .zip archives) with the modified romFS files in them.

  1. Unzip the patch archive, if applicable
  2. Place the patch's files into the /luma/titles/<titleID>folder on your SD card
  • Game titleIDs are 16 characters long and start with 00040000
  • You can find the titleID of your game from the 3dsdb title database
  • If your patch already comes inside a folder with the titleID, put that folder into the /luma/titles folder and not into another folder
  1. Launch your game from the HOME menu and the patch should activate
  • If the game acts normal, make sure that you have enabled game patching and that the patch folder is correcrly placed
  • If you get an arm11 exception, make sure that none of the patch files are corrupt
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