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Invoke The ACI Persist Container script for Sonatype Nexus 2
.\Install-AzureContainerInstancePersistStorage.ps1 `
-ServicePrincipalUsername 'ce6fca5e-a22d-44b2-a75a-f3b20fcd1b16' `
-ServicePrincipalPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -String 'JUJfenwe89hwNNF723ibw2YBybf238ybflA=' -AsPlainText -Force) `
-TenancyId '8871b1ba-7d3d-45f3-8ee0-bb60c0e4733e' `
-SubscriptionName 'Visual Studio Enterprise' `
-AppCode 'nexus' `
-UniqueCode 'mine' `
-ContainerImage 'sonatype/nexus:oss' `
-ContainerPort '8081' `
-VolumeName 'nexus' `
-MountPoint '/sonatype-work/' `
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PlagueHO commented Aug 6, 2017

Note: These Azure Subscription parameters are not real values. Go ahead and try them 😁

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