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Last active Aug 14, 2018
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GML Script. This sets up all listeners available on a target platform. In the case of PS4, you can use this to play audio on a DS4 speaker. Run before running anything using audio_play_sound_on();. In addition, this fixes GMS games being too quiet or low volume on consoles. Best run in a Create event.
var lc = audio_get_listener_count();
var masks;
masks[0] = 0;
masks[1] = 0;
masks[2] = 0;
masks[3] = 0;
alert("Number of Audio Listeners: " + string(lc),0)
for (var i = 0; i < lc; i++)
var inf = audio_get_listener_info(i);
if (string_pos("controller", inf[? "name"]) == 1
and string_pos("speaker", inf[? "name"]) > 0)
var pad_index = real(string_ord_at(inf[? "name"], 11) - ord('1'));
masks[pad_index] = inf[? "mask"];
for (var i = 0; i < 4; i++)
emit[i] = audio_emitter_create()
audio_emitter_set_listener_mask(emit[i], masks[i])
///When gamemaker exports to console, it's really quiet!
///The way to fix this is here, with audio_master_gain();
///The docs say that it goes from 0 to 1, when in fact, it goes beyond 1! wow!!
if os_type == os_ps4 || os_type == os_xboxone || os_type == os_psvita
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PoppyWorks commented Jul 24, 2018

Recently discovered that audio_master_gain(); fixes the issue of games being too quiet on consoles, so this was added to the bottom of our script!

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