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Created Nov 24, 2019
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Beating C with an FPGA
// completely untested because I don't have an FPGA or
// anything, plus I hardly know any Verilog to begin with,
// so it most likely contains very bad bugs.
module wc(
input rst,
input clk,
input [7:0] char, // input data bus
input ch_rdy, // ^ ready flag
input ch_valid, // did we read from a valid address?
output [N-1:0] ch_addr, // the address we want to read from
output ch_rden, // enable reading
output [N-1:0] w_count,
output wc_rdy
parameter N = 32;
reg [N-1:0] ctr;
reg [N-1:0] addr;
reg was_space;
reg done;
reg rden;
always @(posedge clk, posedge rst) begin
if (rst) begin
ctr <= 0;
addr <= 0;
was_space <= 0;
done <= 0;
end else begin
while (ctr != 'b1 /* sign-extended */) begin
// tell the bus we want to read from this address
rden <= 1;
// wait until the data is ready to be read
@(posedge clk);
while (!ch_rdy) @(posedge clk);
rden <= 0;
if (ch_valid) begin // if we read from a valid address
// split on a space
if (char == 8'h20) begin
if (!was_space) ctr <= ctr + 1; // increase the counter
was_space <= 1;
end else was_space <= 0;
addr <= addr + 1; // go to the next address
done <= 1; // went through the entire memory space -> done!
// wait forever (until another rst comes along)
while (1) @(posedge clk);
assign ch_addr = addr;
assign ch_rden = rden;
assign w_count = ctr ;
assign wc_rdy = done;
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