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Feature Toggles in PHP

If you look on Packagist, the most popular packages for Feature toggles are:

  1. qandidate/toggle "Feature toggling for your PHP application." (⬇️ 496.754 / ⭐ 362)
  2. opensoft/rollout "Feature switches or flags for PHP" (⬇️ 354.269 / ⭐ 215)
  3. flagception/flagception "Feature toggle on steroids." (⬇️ 139 265 / ⭐ 24)
  4. joshuaestes/feature-toggle "Provides feature toggle functionality" (⬇️ 61.736 / ⭐ 32)
  5. zumba/swivel "Strategy driven feature toggles" (⬇️ 49.954 / ⭐ 211)

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Class API

These packages have the following class API:


$manager = new ToggleManager($features);
$manager->add(new Toggle('my_feature', $condition));

$manager->active('my_feature', $context)


$toggle = new Rollout($features);

$toggle->isActive('my_feature', $context);


$manager = new FeatureManager($features);

$manager->isActive('my_feature', (new Context())->add('my_feature', $context));


$manager = new FeatureContainer();



$manager = new Manager(new Config($features, $bucket));


Because it was one of the first, I'll also add etsy/feature

Feature::isEnabledFor('my_feature', $context)
Feature::variantFor('my_feature', $context)


The most common patterns seem to be to have either a FeatureToggle or Collection/Manager of FeatureToggles. Either of which can be asked for a specific feature to be active, optionally given a specific context. (Variants and Buckets are not in scope of this comparison yet).

The following are all more or less synonimous:

  • active
  • isActive
  • isEnabled

Comparing these (either by stars or downloads) "active" seem to be the winner over "feature.

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