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Guidelines for designing fun experiences as proposed by E.M. Woolley

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Guidelines for designing fun experiences

To be used as an analysis tool when designing or evaluating fun experiences

Prevents barriers to fun

  1. Meets functional usability requirements

    • interface does not hinder use of system
    • there is no confusion on how system works or how to use it
  2. Provides meaningful feedback; responds to user input/interaction

    • reduce the “unknown” factor
    • effective and attractive representation of communication process
  3. Eliminates or reduces fear of failure

    • should reduce anxiety
    • provide a feeling of safety
    • avoid creating non-transparent situations
  4. Can be learned by doing and from others; no instructions required

    • instructions impede fun
    • requirement for functional usability
  5. Provides distraction from daily burdens

    • allows mind to rest
    • relieved from constraints of “work”

Enhances fun

  1. Fulfills an emotional need(s)

    • accomplishment
    • rest, relaxation
    • connection to others
    • allows user to express emotion
  2. Flexible interaction

    • different from multimodal
    • use a variety of different ways
    • can accommodate user’s work patterns
  3. Enables creativity and discovery

    • users feel like active participants
    • find new ways to do things
  4. Makes completing a task feel less like completing a task

    • feel less burdensome and scheduled
    • remove the monotony out of doing a task
  5. User interface can be personalized or customized

  • provides ownership & connection to system
  • fit the way users like to work

Source: "Fun: An Exploration in its Relevance to Interaction Design" Thesis by Elise M. Woolley, B.S. (Ohio State University, 2010)

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