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Prafulla Kuamr Sahu PrafullaKumarSahu

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$ curl --help
Usage: curl [options...] <url>
--abstract-unix-socket <path> Connect via abstract Unix domain socket
--alt-svc <file name> Enable alt-svc with this cache file
--anyauth Pick any authentication method
-a, --append Append to target file when uploading
--basic Use HTTP Basic Authentication
--cacert <file> CA certificate to verify peer against
--capath <dir> CA directory to verify peer against
-E, --cert <certificate[:password]> Client certificate file and password
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Dell@DESKTOP-KU6707L MINGW64 /d/work/www/laravel6
$ composer require laravel/telescope --dev
Using version ^2.1 for laravel/telescope
./composer.json has been updated
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Package operations: 2 installs, 0 updates, 0 removals
- Installing moontoast/math (1.1.2): Loading from cache
- Installing laravel/telescope (v2.1): Downloading (100%)
Writing lock file
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Session Statistics
[ 2147483654 ] Wed Dec 26 2018 11:45:43 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
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PeerConnection ID: 1545804865540000 (id=2147483654 url=
ICE Stats
Trickled candidates (arriving after answer) are highlighted in blueLocal Candidate Remote Candidate Component ID ICE State Priority Nominated Selected Bytes sent Bytes received 1 succeeded 7962083765457520000 true true 2070352 19884 1 inprogress 8646913474934211000 false false 0 0 1 failed 4341473339236123000 false false 0 0 1 succeeded 4341473338699219500 true false 0 0
PrafullaKumarSahu / log
Created Dec 26, 2018
BBB error while screenshare
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(registry/INFO) insert 'ice' (registry) succeeded: ice
(registry/INFO) insert 'ice.pref' (registry) succeeded: ice.pref
(registry/INFO) insert 'ice.pref.type' (registry) succeeded: ice.pref.type
(registry/INFO) insert 'ice.pref.type.srv_rflx' (UCHAR) succeeded: 0x64
(registry/INFO) insert 'ice.pref.type.peer_rflx' (UCHAR) succeeded: 0x6e
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Prafullas-MacBook-Air:packerZero prafullakumarsahu$ packer
-bash: packer: command not found
Prafullas-MacBook-Air:packerZero prafullakumarsahu$ composer require bitfumes/laravel-packer --prefer-dist
Prafullas-MacBook-Air:packerZero prafullakumarsahu$ composer require bitfumes/laravel-packer --prefer-dist
Content-Length mismatch, received 709535 bytes out of the expected 2264473 could not be fully loaded, package information was loaded from the local cache and may be out of date
Using version ^1.4 for bitfumes/laravel-packer
./composer.json has been updated
Loading composer repositories with package information
View gist:daf14317976afe832154cbd39fe9e058
* jQuery File Upload Plugin PHP Class
* Copyright 2010, Sebastian Tschan
* Licensed under the MIT license:
View bp-profile-tab-and-subnav.php
function add_animal_tabs() {
global $bp;
bp_core_new_nav_item( array(
'name' => 'Animals',
'slug' => 'animals',
'parent_url' => $bp->displayed_user->domain,
'parent_slug' => $bp->profile->slug,
'screen_function' => 'animals_screen',
'position' => 200,
PrafullaKumarSahu / gist:c522c263389678f5ff27d1dfd368cb05
Created Nov 25, 2016
How to remove action hooking non static method and class can not be instantiated
View gist:c522c263389678f5ff27d1dfd368cb05
* Do a hard unregister of an object's callback for the specified event name
* and priority level.
* In WordPress, the callback key (or unique ID) is generated using the hash ID of
* the object concatenated with the method name. In the event that you do not have
* the object itself, then we use this hard approach to first first the callback
View blank-test-plugin.php
* Plugin Name: Blank Test Plugin
* Author: Prafulla kumar Sahu