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Created October 20, 2023 00:17
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"Name":"Ek Number (No.1) - 1500 Bricks (1 Trailer)",
"FrameSize":"10.25 x 5.25 x 3.25 inch",
"BricksSize":"10 x 5 x 3 inch (approx.)",
"Description":"Ek Number (No.1) is the best quality of red brick commonly",
"Note":"For deliveries beyond 3 kms from our brick kiln, carriage charge ",
"BrickModel":"Ek Number (No.1)",
"CompressiveStrength":"105 kg/cm^2",
"Brand":"Ab Int Udyog",
"Color":"Deep Red",
"CoverageArea":"50 sq. inch",
"ProductType":"Red Brick",
"Thicknness":"3 inch",
"Density":"1920 kg/m^3",
"Weight":"4.7 kg",
"Tolerance":"0.25 inch",
"DeliveryTime":"2-4 Days",
"MinimumOrderQuantity":"1500 Bricks",
"PackagingDetails":"The order is delivered using a tractor trolley having 1500 bricks capacity."
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