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Draws graph in the Powershell console
Consumes datapoints and draws colored coded fully customizable graph in the Powershell console.
.PARAMETER Datapoints
Array of data points which is to be plotted on the graph
Label on the X-Axis
Label on the Y-Axis
Show-Graph -Datapoints $Datapoints
Show-Graph -Datapoints $Datapoints -XAxisTitle "Avg. CPU utilization" -YAxisTitle "Percentage"
Features and Benefits:
* Color-coded output depending upon the Value of Datapoint
* Custom X an Y-Axis labels
* Graph in console is independent and fully customizable, not like Task Manager (Performance Tab)
* Could be incorporated in Powershell scripts
* Can consume datapoints generated during script run or Pre stored data like in a file or database.
Function Show-Graph {
# Parameter help description
[int[]] $Datapoints,
[String] $XAxisTitle = 'X-Axis',
[String] $YAxisTitle = 'Y Axis'
$NumOfDatapoints = $Datapoints.Count
$NumOfLabelsOnYAxis = 10
$XAxis = " "+"-"*($NumOfDatapoints+3)
$YAxisTitleAlphabetCounter = 0
$YAxisTitleStartIdx = 1
$YAxisTitleEndIdx = $YAxisTitleStartIdx + $YAxisTitle.Length -1
If($YAxisTitle.Length -gt $NumOfLabelsOnYAxis){
Write-Warning "No. Alphabets in YAxisTitle [$($YAxisTitle.Length)] can't be greator than no. of Labels on Y-Axis [$NumOfLabelsOnYAxis]"
Write-Warning "YAxisTitle will be cropped"
If($XAxisTitle.Length -gt $XAxis.length-3){
$XAxisLabel = " "+$XAxisTitle
$XAxisLabel = " "+(" "*(($XAxis.Length - $XAxisTitle.Length)/2))+$XAxisTitle
# Create a 2D Array to save datapoints in a 2D format
$Array = New-Object 'object[,]' ($NumOfLabelsOnYAxis+1),$NumOfDatapoints
$Count = 0
$Datapoints | ForEach-Object {
$r = [Math]::Floor($_/10)
$Array[$r,$Count] = [char] 9608
1..$R | ForEach-Object {$Array[$_,$Count] = [char] 9608}
# Draw graph
For($i=10;$i -gt 0;$i--){
$Row = ''
For($j=0;$j -lt $NumOfDatapoints;$j++){
$Cell = $Array[$i,$j]
$String = If([String]::IsNullOrWhiteSpace($Cell)){' '}else{$Cell}
$Row = [string]::Concat($Row,$String)
$YAxisLabel = $i*10
# Condition to fix the spacing issue of a 3 digit vs 2 digit number [like 100 vs 90] on the Y-Axis
If("$YAxisLabel".length -lt 3){$YAxisLabel = (" "*(3-("$YAxisLabel".length)))+$YAxisLabel}
If($i -in $YAxisTitleStartIdx..$YAxisTitleEndIdx){
$YAxisLabelAlphabet = $YAxisTitle[$YAxisTitleAlphabetCounter]+" "
else {
$YAxisLabelAlphabet = ' '
# To color the graph depending upon the datapoint value
If ($i -gt 7) {Write-Host $YAxisLabelAlphabet -ForegroundColor DarkYellow -NoNewline ;Write-Host "$YAxisLabel|" -NoNewline; Write-Host $Row -ForegroundColor Red}
elseif ($i -le 7 -and $i -gt 4) {Write-Host $YAxisLabelAlphabet -ForegroundColor DarkYellow -NoNewline ;Write-Host "$YAxisLabel|" -NoNewline; Write-Host $Row -ForegroundColor Yellow}
elseif($i -le 4 -and $i -ge 1) {Write-Host $YAxisLabelAlphabet -ForegroundColor DarkYellow -NoNewline ;Write-Host "$YAxisLabel|" -NoNewline; Write-Host $Row -ForegroundColor Green}
else {Write-Host "$YAxisLabel|"}
$XAxis # Prints X-Axis horizontal line
Write-Host $XAxisLabel -ForegroundColor DarkYellow # Prints XAxisTitle
#$Datapoints = (1..100|Get-Random -Count 50)
#Show-Graph -Datapoints $Datapoints -XAxisTitle "Avg. CPU utilization" -YAxisTitle "Percentage"
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