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Last active Mar 10, 2019
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"Status": 1,
"DriverName": "sample string 2",
"DriverCode": "sample string 3",
"VehicleNumber": "sample string 4",
"DataDate": "sample string 5",
"DataTime": "sample string 6",
"RecordDateTime": "2018-12-07T15:48:51.1891584-06:00",
"CoDrivers": "sample string 8",
"ShippingInfo": "sample string 9",
"TrailerNumber": "sample string 10",
"DrivingSecsAvailable": "112",
"OnDutySecsAvailable": "112",
"LastDutyStatus": "driving",
"LastDutyStatusDate": "2018-12-07T15:48:51.1891584-06:00",
"OnSecUntil30MinBreak": "120"
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