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Last active Mar 5, 2019
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"Trip": "sample string 1",
"Driver1": "sample string 2",
"Driver2": "sample string 3",
"Tractor": "sample string 4",
"Trailer": "sample string 5",
"CostCenter": "sample string 6",
"Division": "sample string 7",
"ShipperCode": "sample string 8",
"ShipperName": "sample string 9",
"LoadAtCode": "sample string 10",
"LoadAtName": "sample string 11",
"ConsCode": "sample string 12",
"ConsName": "sample string 13",
"OrderDiv": "sample string 14",
"OrderComp": "sample string 15",
"EarlyPUDateTime": "2018-12-07T15:51:27.3624472-06:00",
"EarlyDelDateTime": "2018-12-07T15:51:27.3624472-06:00",
"LatePUDateTime": "2018-12-07T15:51:27.3624472-06:00",
"LateDelDateTime": "2018-12-07T15:51:27.3624472-06:00",
"DispDateTime": "2018-12-07T15:51:27.3624472-06:00",
"ArrShipDateTime": "2018-12-07T15:51:27.3624472-06:00",
"LoadDateTime": "2018-12-07T15:51:27.3624472-06:00",
"EmptyDateTime": "2018-12-07T15:51:27.3624472-06:00",
"CommCode": "sample string 24",
"CommDesc": "sample string 25",
"StopCount": "sample string 26",
"TripOriginCity": "libertyville",
"TripOriginSt": "IL",
"TripOriginArea": "sample string 29",
"TripOriginReg": "sample string 30",
"TripOriginZone": "sample string 31",
"TripDestCity": "naperville",
"TripDestSt": "IL",
"TripDestArea": "sample string 34",
"TripDestReg": "sample string 35",
"TripDestZone": "sample string 36",
"OrderStatus": "sample string 37",
"OrderWeight": 38.0,
"OrderTMPH": 39.0,
"OrderTMPL": 40.0,
"OrderSDRR": "sample string 41"
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