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Pro496951 / Some More Redirecting.html
Last active December 20, 2023 15:11
This is About ReDirecting through Hyper Links in HTML i know the file name is not very suitable but it's my second one so that's why.Also I am really sorry for advertising about my youtube channel it was a part of this code
<TITLE>Some more Hyperlinks</TITLE>
As you guys know I have already created my 1st hyperlink. <BR>
here are more hyperlinks!
<A HREF =>Click here</A> <BR>
<A HREF =>Click here</A> <BR>
<A HREF =>Sunscribe to my Channel!</A> <BR>
Pro496951 / Recursion
Last active July 3, 2020 14:04
This is a small gist about Recursion in python
# Definition OF Recusrsion
Recursion is a common mathematical and programming concept. It means that a function calls itself. This has the benefit of meaning that you can loop through data to reach a result.
The developer should be very careful with recursion as it can be quite easy to slip into writing a function which never terminates, or one that uses excess amounts of memory or processor power. However, when written correctly recursion can be a very efficient and mathematically-elegant approach to programming.
In this example, tri_recursion() is a function that we have defined to call itself ("recurse"). We use the k variable as the data, which decrements (-1) every time we recurse. The recursion ends when the condition is not greater than 0 (i.e. when it is 0).
To a new developer it can take some time to work out how exactly this works, best way to find out is by testing and modifying it.
Here"s An Example Code :
def tri_recursion(k):
Pro496951 / Auto
Last active May 12, 2020 11:59
This is an Auto Clicker Created Using Python.Don't Forget To Star this Gist And Follow Me This is My First Ever program in Python. But It will take an synatx error.To Fix it go here :
import time
import threading
from pynput.mouse import Button, Controller
from pynput.keyboard import Listener, KeyCode
delay = 0.001
button = Button.left
start_stop_key = KeyCode(char='s')
exit_key = KeyCode(char='e')
Hello!this is my first web page.
<!DOCTYPE html>
html, body {
height: 100%;
margin: 0;
body {
Pro496951 / Solar System.html
Last active November 15, 2020 08:12
Just A basic Presentation
<TITLE>Solar System</TITLE></HEAD>
<H1 ALIGN=CENTER>Solar System</H1>
The Sun,the eight planets with their satellites,and some other heavenly bodies like asteroids,meteors and comets
form the Solar System.The sun is at the centre of the solar system.
Pro496951 / Flappy Bird.html
Last active March 20, 2024 14:55
Basic Flappy bird game.this is not missing anything except the score counter
<title>Flappy Bird</title>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<link href='' rel='stylesheet'>
<link href=' Marker' rel='stylesheet'>