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Last active May 28, 2017
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Using Babel and Browserify with gulp
var gulp = require('gulp');
var browserify = require('browserify');
var through2 = require('through2');
gulp.task('build', function () {
return gulp.src('./src/main.js')
.pipe(through2.obj(function (file, enc, next) {
browserify(file.path, { debug: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development' })
.bundle(function (err, res) {
if (err) { return next(err); }
file.contents = res;
next(null, file);
.on('error', function (error) {
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cozuya commented Feb 28, 2015

Thanks, works fine, forgot to require through2 though. Also should mention you can easily get sourcemaps by adding an options argument to line 7 e.g. :

browersify(file.path, {debug: true})

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Problematic commented Mar 1, 2015

Thanks! I made an edit to enable debug mode when NODE_ENV is "development", but as you say, it's easy enough to get them all the time by setting the debug flag to true.

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