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Created Feb 10, 2022
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Add a package from nixpkgs to your current fish shell
function with --description 'import all arguments as nixpkgs args and put their /bin on PATH'
set arg ( \
printf '
let pkgs = import <nixpkgs> {};
in pkgs.symlinkJoin {
name = "extra-fish-path";
paths = with pkgs; [ %s ];
' \
"$argv" \
set tmpdir (mktemp -d)
set outLink "$tmpdir/fish-with-nix-gcroot"
# remove gc root on shell exit
trap "rm -r $tmpdir" EXIT
set outPath ( \
nix-build \
--out-link "$outLink" \
-E "$arg" \
set --prepend PATH "$outPath/bin"
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