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asciidoc test

Why MarkDown is like vegetables

PuZZleDucK <> v1.0, 2017-12

This is the optional preamble (an untitled section body). Useful for writing simple sectionless documents consisting only of a preamble.

The abstract, preface, appendix, bibliography, glossary and index section titles are significant ('specialsections').
Example Abstract
The optional abstract (one or more paragraphs) goes here.

This document is an AsciiDoc article skeleton containing briefly
annotated element placeholders plus a couple of example index entries
and footnotes.


The First Section
Article sections start at level 1 and can be nested up to four levels
footnote:[An example footnote.]
indexterm:[Example index entry]


And now for something completely different: ((monkeys)), lions and
tigers (Bengal and Siberian) using the alternative syntax index
(((Big cats,Lions)))
(((Big cats,Tigers,Bengal Tiger)))
(((Big cats,Tigers,Siberian Tiger)))
Note that multi-entry terms generate separate index entries.

Here are a couple of image examples: an image:images/smallnew.png[]
example inline image

Followed by an example table:

.An example table
| Option          | Description
| -a 'USER GROUP' | Add 'USER' to 'GROUP'.
| -R 'GROUP'      | Disables access to 'GROUP'.

.An example example
Lorum ipum...

Sub-section with Anchor
Sub-section at level 2.

A Nested Sub-section
Sub-section at level 3.

Yet another nested Sub-section
Sub-section at level 4.

This is the maximum sub-section depth supported by the distributed
AsciiDoc configuration.
footnote:[A second example footnote.]

The Second Section
Article sections are at level 1 and can contain sub-sections nested up
to four deep.

An example link to anchor at start of the <<X1,first sub-section>>.
indexterm:[Second example index entry]

An example link to a bibliography entry <<taoup>>.


Example Appendix

AsciiDoc article appendices are just just article sections with 'specialsection' titles.

Appendix Sub-section ~~~~~~~~ Appendix sub-section at level 2.

Example Bibliography

The bibliography list is a style of AsciiDoc bulleted list.

- [[[taoup]]] Eric Steven Raymond. 'The Art of Unix
  Programming'. Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-13-142901-9.
- [[[walsh-muellner]]] Norman Walsh & Leonard Muellner.
  'DocBook - The Definitive Guide'. O'Reilly & Associates. 1999.
  ISBN 1-56592-580-7.

Example Glossary
Glossaries are optional. Glossaries entries are an example of a style
of AsciiDoc labeled lists.

A glossary term::
  The corresponding (indented) definition.

A second glossary term::
  The corresponding (indented) definition.
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