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Created November 19, 2018 12:14
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GDPR Countries 2 Letter Country Code
private String gdprCounries[] = new String[]{
"US", //United States
"UM", //United States Minor Outlying Islands
"AT", //Austria
"BE", //Belgium
"BG", //Bulgaria
"HR", //Croatia
"CY", //Cyprus
"CZ", //Czech Republic
"DK", //Denmark
"EE", //Estonia
"FI", //Finland
"FR", //France
"DE", //Germany
"GR", //Greece
"HU", //Hungary
"IE", //Ireland //Northern Ireland
"IT", //Italy
"LV", //Latvia
"LT", //Lithuania
"LU", //Luxembourg
"MT", //Malta
"NL", //Netherlands
"PL", //Poland
"PT", //Portugal, Azores, Madeira
"RO", //Romania
"SK", //Slovakia
"SI", //Slovenia
"ES", //Spain
"SW", //Sweden
"JE", //Channel Isles
"GB", //England, United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales
"IS", //Iceland
"LI", //Lichtenstein
"NO", //Norway
"IC", //Canary Islands
"GP", //Guadeloupe
"GF", //French Guiana
"MQ", //Martinique
"YT", //Mayotte
"RE", //Reunion
"MF" //Saint Martin
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