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Created December 24, 2021 08:02
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class Ha(object):
def handle_starting_instance(self):
"""Starting up PostgreSQL may take a long time. In case we are the leader we may want to
fail over to."""
# Check if we are in startup, when paused defer to main loop for manual failovers.
if not self.state_handler.check_for_startup() or self.is_paused():
# pg 不是strartup状态或者patroni处于paused状态
if self.is_paused():
self.state_handler.set_state(self.state_handler.is_running() and 'running' or 'stopped')
return None
# state_handler.state == 'starting' here
# 处理starting状态的pg
if self.has_lock():
# 当前节点是leader
if not self.update_lock():
# 更新Leader状态状态失败,这时可能该节点已经不是leader了
# 此时立即停止pg"Lost lock while starting up. Demoting self.")
return 'stopped PostgreSQL while starting up because leader key was lost'
# 依然是leader,根据超时时间判断启动逻辑
timeout = self._start_timeout or self.patroni.config['master_start_timeout']
time_left = timeout - self.state_handler.time_in_state()
if time_left <= 0:
# 超时,判断能不能进行主备切换,如果可以立即停止当前的Master
if self.is_failover_possible(self.cluster.members):"Demoting self because master startup is taking too long")
return 'stopped PostgreSQL because of startup timeout'
return 'master start has timed out, but continuing to wait because failover is not possible'
# 还未超时,判断此时是否要failover发生,如果有正常退出postgres进程,并让出leader
msg = self.process_manual_failover_from_leader()
if msg is not None:
return msg
return 'PostgreSQL is still starting up, {0:.0f} seconds until timeout'.format(time_left)
# Use normal processing for standbys"Still starting up as a standby.")
return None
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