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# To use, put this file, jay.rb, in a directory with the csv files you need to convert.
# Then just run the following command from the prompt:
# ruby jay.rb [name of file without the .csv]
# Get the libraries you need
require 'csv'
require 'json'
# ARGV[0] gets the name of the first argument you passed from the command line - in this case, the name of the csv file
input_file_name = ARGV[0] + '.csv'
output_file_name = ARGV[0] + '.json'
# Open the files. W+ gives write permission and creates the file if necessary
output_file =, "w+")
# Read the input file (the CSV file)
input_file =, "r")
# Create an empty array to put the resulting hashes in
entry_array = []
# Iterate over each entry in the CSV file (shift removes the first entry in the array, which is your headers)
JSON.parse(CSV.parse(input_file).to_json).shift.each do |entry|
# Create a new hash to store the values from the a given CSV array entry and assign the values
c =
c['Station'] = entry[0]
c['Time'] = entry[1]
c['TransactionNumber'] = entry[2]
c['UPC'] = entry[3]
c['Product'] = entry[4]
c['Dept'] = entry[5]
c['Cashier'] = entry[6]
c['SalesQty'], = entry[7]
c['Unit'] = entry[8]
c['Amount'] = entry[9]
c['Tax'] = entry[10]
# add the resulting hashes to the array of hashes
entry_array << c
# Write the array of hashes to a json file with the same name as the input file, except with the .json extension
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