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This notebook preprocesses the TIMIT dataset using MFCCs in the same way that the paper "LSTM: A Search Space Odyssey" used it.
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Hi, I thought I could submit a pull request because I fixed two small problems that occur if someone tries to prepare the reduced TIMIT without preparing the original first, but currently, it's impossible to pull on gists.

In 43, I think the last line should have
train.create_dataset('names', data=np.array(rtimit_train_names))
instead of
train.create_dataset('names', data=np.array(timit_train_names))

and in 29, I added a comment
#set 'a' to 'w' if you didn't prepare the full (original) TIMIT

You can see the changes in my fork.


Qwlouse commented Apr 12, 2016

Hi George, I merged your changes.
Thanks a lot!

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