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NOP Sledding

Jameel Haffejee RC1140

NOP Sledding
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aktau / sclg4.c
Last active Oct 9, 2019
A simple WinAPI GetAsyncKeyState()-based keylogger, written a very long time ago. I dug it out of the archives because of a Hacker News post ( For educational purposes only, of course.
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* Copyright (c) 2006, Nicolas Hillegeer
* All rights reserved.
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
* modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
* * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
* notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
* notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
lelandbatey /
Last active Jan 25, 2021
Whiteboard Picture Cleaner - Shell one-liner/script to clean up and beautify photos of whiteboards!


This simple script will take a picture of a whiteboard and use parts of the ImageMagick library with sane defaults to clean it up tremendously.

The script is here:

convert "$1" -morphology Convolve DoG:15,100,0 -negate -normalize -blur 0x1 -channel RBG -level 60%,91%,0.1 "$2"


mickaelandrieu / webservice.js
Created Oct 11, 2013
Use casperJs as a Webservice
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/* from
//define ip and port to web service
var ip_server = '';
//includes web server modules
var server = require('webserver').create();
//start web server
var service = server.listen(ip_server, function(request, response) {
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obj-m += rootkit.o
make -C /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build M=$(PWD) modules
make -C /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build M=$(PWD) clean
nblumoe /
Created Apr 24, 2013
Simple cheat sheet for vim fireplace and paredit


  • cpr => (require ... :reload)
  • cpR => (require ... :reload-all)


  • :Eval (clojure code) => runs (clojure code) in repl
  • cpp => evaluate inn-most expessions under cursor
  • cp<movement> => evaluate text described by <movement>
  • cqp => opens quasi-repl
  • cqc => quasi-repl command line window
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if [ $# -lt 1 ]
echo "Usage: ${0##*/} user@host"
echo " Adds your to the desitnation authorized_keys2 file"
exit 1
if [ ! -f ~/.ssh/ ]
adharris / postgres_array.go
Created Nov 28, 2012
PostgreSQL demo of Array types using Golang
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package main
import (
_ ""
pivaldi / .psqlrc
Created Nov 11, 2012
.psqlrc dot file to customize the default psql sessions
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-- psql prompt can be customized
\set PROMPT1 '%[%033[1;33m%]%M:%>%[%033[1;32m%] %n@%/%R%[%033[0m%]%# '
\set PROMPT3 '>> '
-- Missing LIMIT fetch count is set to 1000
\set FETCH_COUNT 1000
-- Set pager to off
\pset pager off
klange /
Last active Jan 19, 2021
It's a résumé, as a readable and compilable C source file. Since Hacker News got here, this has been updated to be most of my actual résumé. This isn't a serious document, just a concept to annoy people who talk about recruiting and the formats they accept résumés in. It's also relatively representative of my coding style.

Since this is on Hacker News and reddit...

  • No, I don't distribute my résumé like this. A friend of mine made a joke about me being the kind of person who would do this, so I did (the link on that page was added later). My actual résumé is a good bit crazier.
  • I apologize for the use of _t in my types. I spend a lot of time at a level where I can do that; "reserved for system libraries? I am the system libraries".
  • Since people kept complaining, I've fixed the assignments of string literals to non-const char *s.
  • My use of type * name, however, is entirely intentional.
  • If you're using an older compiler, you might have trouble with the anonymous unions and the designated initializers - I think gcc 4.4 requires some extra braces to get them working together. Anything reasonably recent should work fine. Clang and gcc (newer than 4.4, at le
NorthIsUp /
Last active Oct 12, 2015
Reverse engineering of the nike fuel api to get your fuel
to run you will need to install the following:
pip install requests
pip install simplejson
get the auth token and device id by sniffing the nike app syncing
with with charles