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Nicolas Hillegeer aktau

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aktau / backtrace.log
Created Jul 26, 2018
neovim backtrace from segfault likely caused by pull #8221
View backtrace.log
#0 win_line (wp=wp@entry=0x7ffff65b5800, lnum=lnum@entry=1, startrow=startrow@entry=0, endrow=41, nochange=true) at ../src/nvim/screen.c:2418
#1 0x000055555579dd66 in win_update (wp=wp@entry=0x7ffff65b5800) at ../src/nvim/screen.c:1428
#2 0x000055555579e93e in update_debug_sign (buf=0x7ffff667d000, lnum=15) at ../src/nvim/screen.c:582
#3 0x0000555555714bdd in ex_sign (eap=<optimized out>) at ../src/nvim/ex_cmds.c:5862
#4 0x00005555556df493 in do_one_cmd (cmdlinep=cmdlinep@entry=0x7fffffff0338, flags=flags@entry=3, cstack=cstack@entry=0x7fffffff03c0,
fgetline=fgetline@entry=0x55555574f271 <get_func_line>, cookie=cookie@entry=0x7ffff6196000) at ../src/nvim/ex_docmd.c:2228
#5 0x00005555556e0096 in do_cmdline (cmdline=<optimized out>, fgetline=0x55555574f271 <get_func_line>, cookie=0x7ffff6196000, flags=3) at ../src/nvim/ex_docmd.c:592
#6 0x0000555555750f91 in ex_execute (eap=0x7fffffff09d0) at ../src/nvim/eval.c:19533
#7 0x00005555556df493 in do_one_cmd (cmdlinep=cmdlinep@entry=0x7fffffff0bf8, flags=
View newsboat_2.11.1_1_2018-06-14.crash
Process: newsboat [56298]
Path: /usr/local/Cellar/newsboat/2.11.1_1/bin/newsboat
Identifier: newsboat
Version: 0
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: zsh [56210]
Responsible: newsboat [56298]
User ID: 501
Date/Time: 2018-06-14 13:48:10.415 +0200
View jobreadlines.vim
" Append lines to a buffer. Use the Neovim API instead of the traditional
" call append(line('$'), a:data)
" Reason: nvim_buf_set_lines allows adding lines to a buffer which is not
" the active one. This means we don't have to fiddle with the users' active
" buffers.
function s:appendlines(buf, list)
if !empty(a:list)
call nvim_buf_set_lines(a:buf, -1, -1, v:false, a:list)
View # fontconfig - 2016-10-10_14-26-53.txt
Homebrew build logs for fontconfig on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
Build date: 2016-10-10 14:26:53
View vault.zpool
vault size 928G -
vault capacity 53% -
vault altroot - default
vault health ONLINE -
vault guid 10615357772173364317 default
vault version - default
vault bootfs - default
vault delegation on default
vault autoreplace off default
vault cachefile - default
View gist:6e79ecca968a641eb60f
Dec 06 00:46:40 kdi kernel: perf interrupt took too long (5048 > 5000), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 25000
Dec 06 00:47:43 kdi kernel: VERIFY3((arc_stats.arcstat_c.value.ui64) >= 2ULL << 24) failed (33550891 >= 33554432)
Dec 06 00:47:43 kdi kernel: PANIC at arc.c:3760:arc_adapt()
Dec 06 00:47:43 kdi kernel: Showing stack for process 898
Dec 06 00:47:43 kdi kernel: CPU: 1 PID: 898 Comm: transmission-da Tainted: P O 4.2.0-1-amd64 #1 Debian 4.2.6-1
Dec 06 00:47:43 kdi kernel: Hardware name: GIADA ChiefRiver Platform/Emerald Lake 2, BIOS W6561014 02/05/2013
Dec 06 00:47:43 kdi kernel: 0000000000000000 0000000000000eb0 ffffffff8154e2f6 ffffffffa0966f23
Dec 06 00:47:43 kdi kernel: ffffffffa080480c ffff8800551885d8 ffff88006bf2aa78 0000000000000030
Dec 06 00:47:43 kdi kernel: ffff88006b1cbb58 ffff88006b1cbaf8 2833594649524556 6174735f63726128
Dec 06 00:47:43 kdi kernel: Call Trace:
aktau /
Created Nov 13, 2015
--with-linux=$(moddir=`echo ${kernel_source_dir/%build/.}`;
if [ -e $moddir/source/include/linux/input ]; then
echo $moddir/source
aktau / homebrew-llvm351-error.log
Created Jan 24, 2015
Failing homebrew/versions/llvm35 (3.5.1) build
View homebrew-llvm351-error.log
llvm[6]: ======= Finished Linking Release+Asserts Unit test ClangApplyReplacementsTests (without symbols)
llvm[6]: Compiling UniqueHeaderNameTest.cpp for Release+Asserts build
if clang++ -I/private/tmp/llvm35-g2huGt/llvm-3.5.1.src/include -I/private/tmp/llvm35-g2huGt/llvm-3.5.1.src/tools/clang/tools/extra/unittests/clang-modernize -D_DEBUG -D_GNU_SOURCE -D__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS -D__STDC_FORMAT_MACROS -D__STDC_LIMIT_MACROS -I/private/tmp/llvm35-g2huGt/llvm-3.5.1.src/tools/clang/tools/extra/unittests/clang-modernize/../../../../include -I/private/tmp/llvm35-g2huGt/llvm-3.5.1.src/tools/clang/tools/extra/unittests/clang-modernize/../../../../include -I/private/tmp/llvm35-g2huGt/llvm-3.5.1.src/tools/clang/tools/extra/unittests/clang-modernize/../../clang-modernize -I/private/tmp/llvm35-g2huGt/llvm-3.5.1.src/tools/clang/tools/extra/unittests/clang-modernize/../../clang-apply-replacements/include -I/private/tmp/llvm35-g2huGt/llvm-3.5.1.src/tools/clang/tools/extra/unittests/clang-modernize/../include -I/private/tmp
aktau / vim_strchr_test.c
Last active Aug 29, 2015
neovim: strchr() test
View vim_strchr_test.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
/* test if Vim was right when it implemented strchr() again as vim_strbyte() */
aktau /
Last active Oct 24, 2018
Benchmark which method plays best with pg_dump for rsyncability
# look out for the speedup factors reported, my
# tests indicate that `pigz --rsyncable` wins for
# the compressed format, but that the raw uncompressed
# format is the best if you want optimal rsyncability.
# This makes sense of course, but for many of us it's
# not feasible to keep uncompressed copies around, as the
# database can be huge and full of compressible data.
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