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@RChloe / Secret
Created Dec 4, 2015

# Import libraries for parsing the JSON output by the Wio Link
# Also import the Initial State Python library so we can stream
# the Wio Link readings to a visualization
import urllib2
import json
import os
import glob
import time
from ISStreamer.Streamer import Streamer
#### Wio Link Information ####
# The access token for your Wio Link
WIO_ACCESS_TOKEN = "Wio_API_Access_Token_Here"
# The name of the attached sensor
SENSOR_NAME = "GroveIRDistanceInterrupterDigital2"
# The name of the signal the sensor produces
SIGNAL_NAME = ["approach"]
### Initial State Information ###
# The name your bucket will appear with in Initial State
BUCKET_NAME = ":seedling: Wio Python"
# The hidden bucket key that associates the data w/a particular bucket
BUCKET_KEY = "wiolink"
# Initial State access key - found under "Account"
IS_ACCESS_KEY = "Initial_State_Access_Key_Here"
# Time between sensor readings
# Function to fetch the JSON from a particular Wio API URL
def get_reading(sensor,signal):
api_reading_url = "" + sensor + "/" + signal + "?access_token=" + WIO_ACCESS_TOKEN
print api_reading_url
f = urllib2.urlopen(api_reading_url)
print "Failed to get " + signal
return False
json_reading =
return json.loads(json_reading)
# Initialize the Intial State streamer
streamer = Streamer(bucket_name=BUCKET_NAME, bucket_key=BUCKET_KEY, access_key=IS_ACCESS_KEY)
# Loop through reading and streaming signal's value
while True:
# Read motion value from IR Distance Interrupter
motionReading = get_reading(SENSOR_NAME,SIGNAL_NAME[0])
if (motionReading != False):
if (motionReading['status'] != 205):
motion = motionReading['msg']['approach']
if motion == 0:
print "No motion"
streamer.log("Motion?","No motion")
if motion == 1:
print "Motion detected"
streamer.log("Motion?","Motion detected")
message = motionReading['msg']
print message
# Wait designated time between readings
except TypeError:
print "Type Error"

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awong1900 Jan 26, 2016

The return json format have changed. Maybe need fix the code.

The return json format have changed. Maybe need fix the code.

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