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Created December 3, 2019 11:47
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Python Class Prototype (Example) - Scope: Private, Public, Internal, Static
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from random import randint
class MyClass(object):
# Static class variable
static_variable = 17
def __init__(self, property_a, property_b=11):
self.__property_a = property_a # Private
self.property_b = property_b # Public
self._property_c = "Internal property of the class" # Internal
def property_a(self):
return self.__property_a
def property_a(self, value):
self.__property_a = value
def print_hello(name=None):
print("Hello!" if name is None else "Hello {name}!".format(name=name))
def random_number_from_0_to_10():
return randint(0, 10)
def print_class_values(self):
print("Class properties: PropA=[{prop_a}] PropB=[{prop_b}] propC=[{prop_c}]".format(
# Try MyClass
if __name__ == "__main__":
print("Static variable: {}".format(MyClass.static_variable))
print("Random number from 0 to 10: {}".format(MyClass.random_number_from_0_to_10()))
my_class = MyClass(property_a=5)
public_prop_b = 12
print("Set public property B to {}".format(public_prop_b))
my_class.property_b = public_prop_b
private_prop_a = 7
print("Set private property A to {}".format(private_prop_a))
my_class.property_a = private_prop_a
print("Get private property A to {}".format(my_class.property_b))
# Internal variables of the class are also available. But be careful, are internal!
internal_prop_a = "Internal property C modified!"
print("Get internal property C: {}".format(my_class._property_c))
my_class._property_c = internal_prop_a
print("Set internal property C to \"{}\"".format(my_class._property_c))
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