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Created July 27, 2016 08:14
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"product_code": "SEXP",
"application_code": "Game",
"last_run_start": "2016-07-27T08:12:08",
"last_run_end": "2016-07-27T08:12:20",
"timestamp": "2016-07-27T08:12:20",
"files": [
"path": "Game\Protocol.json",
"checksum": 4138782915,
"size": 266
//Log of all the network games played in order to determine what protocols
//are no longer being used by the community.
BattleNet 2016-07-26T00:34:51
BattleNet 2016-07-26T00:42:02
BattleNet 2016-07-26T03:16:08
UDP 2016-07-26T12:13:58
UDP 2016-07-26T12:16:04
BattleNet 2016-07-27T04:25:54
BattleNet 2016-07-27T05:00:51
UDP 2016-07-27T05:08:30
UDP 2016-07-27T05:09:49
BattleNet 2016-07-27T05:10:35
UDP 2016-07-27T05:11:24
BattleNet 2016-07-27T05:13:05
BattleNet 2016-07-27T06:25:40
BattleNet 2016-07-27T06:45:35
"totalBNETGames": 9,
"monthlyBNETGames": 9,
"totalIPXGames": 0,
"monthlyIPXGames": 0,
"totalMODEMGames": 0,
"monthlyMODEMGames": 0,
"totalUDPGames": 3,
"monthlyUDPGames": 3,
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