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RGD2 /
Last active Sep 3, 2021
Jupyter lab on Windows 10 with a nice desktop shortcut and working matplotlib widgets
  • install from microsoft store:
    • debian/WSL2
    • windows terminal
  • check at for how to set that up. Requires a reboot, or else you won't get WSL2 to work and jupyter will be so slow as to be barely usable.
  • today (2021-08-18) there were a couple new 'wrinkles':
  • I was going to build latest python3.9.6 from source ( which did work) but decided to just stay with the version in debian 11, since it wasn't that old (3.9.2), hence the long apt-get install line.
  • this setup follows the rule that its better to use pip in a virtualenv than it is to try to get things installed via system package, especially for jupyter lab.
  • node installation is actually as suggested by MSFT, nvm is quite nice.