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This gist will help you install Cloud9 on your local or remote computer, server, or even your raspberry pi. Many people are having issues at the time of this Gist's creation.
Complete installation process:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install -y python-software-properties python make build-essential g++ curl libssl-dev apache2-utils git libxml2-dev
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
cd ~
mkdir git
cd ~/git
git clone git://
git clone ~/.nvm
source ~/.nvm/
#install some version of Node you want
nvm install 0.10
#install and start cloud9
cd cloud9
sudo npm install packager
sudo npm install
sudo ~/git/cloud9/bin/
#set up your terminal to use the most
#recent nvm node you have installed by default
gedit ~/.bashrc
#add these lines at the bottom
source ~/.nvm/
nvm use 0
#if you want cloud9 to run every time you start up,
#add this line to the bottom of your .profile or .bash_profile
sudo npm install forever -g
forever --uid cloud9 -a start ~/git/cloud9/server.js -w ~/
you only need to run the once after each install or update from my experience to implement the plugins, but if you get too many errors try running it again. After that you can run right from node or preferably forever.
you can use as the host name to accept all incoming traffic provided it knows the username and password.
node server.js -w ~/git/ -l --username riaEvangelist --password is4MyYsOnly
this will inevitably throw E_NOENT errors and crash but that can be fixed by using forever to recover from that
forever start server.js -w ~/git/ -l --username riaEvangelist --password is4MyYsOnly
The -l paramater is only needed if you want to expose the cloud9 instance to the world via an IP or a hostname.
Also username and password are optional of course.
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amlamarra commented Nov 16, 2016

This line on the on their indicates that may not be true:
"This is the core repository for the Cloud9 v3 SDK. The SDK allows you to run a version of Cloud9 that allows you to develop plugins and create a custom IDE based on Cloud9."

And I just found the licenses page:
"We also realize there is a desire amongst some to run Cloud9 locally on their server or even their desktop for their personal use (in both a business setting and a personal setting). Although we do offer an easy way to connect to your server via SSH on some people prefer running Cloud9 themselves because we are not yet in a datacenter nearby or because the server is inside a firewall. This is another valid use case for the SDK.

To support these two use cases we created a custom license that is best described as "Free for non-commercial use". The source of the core is open and on github and you can use it to run Cloud9 and modify it as you want. We simply ask you to get in touch with us when you wish for others than yourself to use your version of Cloud9."

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R89Omer commented Apr 17, 2018

Hello all,
any can guide me to setup c9 ide locally in windows lpt but you can guide me step by step. or email me its all guide to my email

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Lashely commented May 26, 2021

how to install and acces cloud9 in hetzner or vultr ?

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I have actually recently started using the new GitHub code spaces application. It is pretty sweet.

This gist popped up in my feed somewhere. Is there a reason I should consider going back to Cloud 9?

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I apologize that I had not responded to anyone here. I will read all the messages now.

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Wow, I wish I had known about the activity on this thread. I was in a couple of motorcycle accidents and out of commission for a few years. It is really cool to see that this has been useful to people while I have been away. I hope that if there is any way I can help in the future, the new notifications I am receiving will keep me more abreast of the situation.

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Lashely commented May 30, 2021

what about my question ?

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