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RIKIKU / UnrealTournament.ini
Created Oct 13, 2020
An Unreal Tournament INI file that works on the public master servers.
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ProtocolDescription=Unreal Protocol
RIKIKU / CleanWindowsUpdate.ps1
Last active Aug 31, 2017
Cleans the Windows Update download directory.
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stop-service wuauserv -ErrorAction Stop
Get-ChildItem "$env:windir\SoftwareDistribution" | Remove-Item -Recurse -Force
start-service wuauserv
View Connect-RDPComputers.ps1
Opens a new RDP connection to a specified computer using the given credentials.
Give this thing an array of computer names and a credential to connect to them on and it will open up an RDP session and log you into all of them.
This is great for when you have a huge list of computers that you need to remote into.
$cred = get-credential
$ListOfComputerNames = "Server1","Server2","Server3"
RIKIKU / Add-MAMLHelpParameter.ps1
Last active Jul 30, 2017
Add a parameter to a MAML help file.
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Adds a parameter to an existing, fully formatted help file.
This thing just looks for your cmdlet name, clones the first existing parameter and appends it to the bottom of the list of parameters for your cmdlet.
Add-HelpParameter -Path "C:\We've\all seen a \Filepath\before-Hlep.xml" -CmdletName New-Shiney -ParameterName "TurboShiney" -Position 1 -TyepName "String" -TypeFullName "System.String"
function Add-HelpParameter
RIKIKU / AzureExpiredCertCleaner.ps1
Created Jan 30, 2017
Remove expired SSL certificates
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Login-AzureRmAccount -TenantId "InsertTennantIdHere"
Get-AzureRmSubscription -SubscriptionId "InsertSubscriptionIdHere" | Select-AzureRmSubscription
$certificates = Get-AzureRmResource -ExpandProperties | where ResourceType -EQ Microsoft.Web/certificates #This part takes ages to run.
foreach ($certificate in $certificates)
if((get-date $certificate.Properties.expirationDate) -le (Get-Date) )
Remove-AzureRmResource -ResourceName $certificate.ResourceName -ResourceType $certificate.ResourceType -ResourceGroupName $certificate.ResourceGroupName -Verbose -Confirm:$false -Force
View Dyn365OClientPrereq.ps1
#This is a script to automatically download and create the folders for the residtributables needed to install CRM 2016.
do{[int]$bitness = Read-Host "What bitness the installed version of Office e.g. 32,64"}
while(!($bitness -eq 32) -xor ($bitness -eq 64))
Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms
#get the source DIR.
$SourceDIRDLG = New-Object Windows.Forms.FolderBrowserDialog
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