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A TaskPaper script that can be used to increment or decrement datecodes in any desired way (any tag, either direction, any number, any time unit of days or bigger). Go to for more information.
Universal Datecode Changer script
by Ryan Oldford
handlers taken from andyferra (see below for full credits)
This script is used with TaskPaper to increment or decrement datecode-type values of tags.
The script settings can be edited to allow for incrementing or decrementing
of any tag by any amount of time.
You can make multiple renamed versions of this script with different filenames
to allow for different ways of changing a datecode.
tagName - the name of the tag whose datecode should be changed
incrementDate - set to true to increment dates, set to false to decrement dates
changeAmount - how many units should the date change by
changeUnit - the unit of change, must be one of the following exactly:
- days
- weeks
- months
- years
-- START - Settings properties
property tagName : "due"
property incrementDate : true
property changeAmount : 1
property changeUnit : days
-- END
-- START - Initialize important variables
-- END
tell application "TaskPaper"
tell selected entry
-- START - Check if tag exists in selected entry
set theTags to every tag
set wantedTag to null
repeat with aTag in theTags
if (name of aTag is tagName) then
set wantedTag to aTag
exit repeat
end if
end repeat
-- END
if wantedTag is not null then
-- START - Get tag value
set wantedTagValue to (value of wantedTag)
-- END
-- START - Check if it's a datecode, convert to date object
set tagDate to my datecodeToDate(wantedTagValue)
-- END
if tagDate is not null then
-- START - Change date object's value
if incrementDate is true then
set tagDate to tagDate + changeAmount * changeUnit
set tagDate to tagDate - changeAmount * changeUnit
end if
-- END
-- START - Change date back into datecode
set newDatecode to my dateToDatecode(tagDate)
-- END
-- START - Update tag's datecode
set value of wantedTag to newDatecode
-- END
end if
end if
end tell
end tell
on datecodeToDate(dateText)
-- handler to turn datecodes (YYYY-MM-DD format) to Applescript dates
-- returns null if datecode can't be turned itno a valid date
-- original handler (getDateFromText) by andyferra
-- slightly modified to respect text item delimiters and deal with coersion problems properly
set vDate to null
set oldASTIDs to AppleScript's text item delimiters
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"-"}
if (count of text item of dateText) is 3 then
set vYear to text item 1 of dateText
set vMonth to text item 2 of dateText
set vDay to text item 3 of dateText
on error
return null
end try
if (vYear > 1000) and (vMonth > 0 and vMonth < 13) and (vDay > 0 and vDay < 32) then
set vDate to current date
set year of vDate to (vYear as integer)
set month of vDate to vMonth as integer
set day of vDate to vDay as integer
set time of vDate to 0
end if
end if
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldASTIDs
return vDate
end datecodeToDate
on dateToDatecode(vDate)
-- handler to turn Applescript dates into datecodes (YYYY-MM-DD format)
-- original handler (getTextFromDate) by andyferra
set dText to ((year of vDate) as text) & "-"
set dayText to (month of vDate as number) as text
if length of dayText is 1 then
set dayText to "0" & dayText
end if
set dText to dText & dayText & "-"
set dayText to (day of vDate as number) as text
if length of dayText is 1 then
set dayText to "0" & dayText
end if
return dText & dayText
end dateToDatecode
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