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Last active November 12, 2021 13:33
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Dead simple asyncio pipeline
Example program for basic asyncio pipeline.
Program takes string as input and converts it to upper case.
For sake of simplicity missing some "features", most notably error handling is absent.
Errors will silenty prevent program completion in many cases.
import asyncio
from dataclasses import dataclass
class DataAB:
letter: str
class DataBC:
letter: str
upper: str
result = ""
async def do_stepA(queue_out, input):
for letter in input:
print(f'A, sending {letter}')
await queue_out.put(DataAB(letter))
async def do_stepB(queue_in, queue_out):
while True:
data: DataAB = await queue_in.get()
# perform actual step
letter = data.letter
upper = letter.upper()
print(f'B, processed {upper}')
await queue_out.put(DataBC(letter, upper))
async def do_stepC(queue_in):
global result
while True:
data: DataBC = await queue_in.get()
# perform actual step
letter = data.letter
upper = data.upper
print(f'C, {letter} changed to {upper}')
result += upper
async def main():
pipeline_in = 'hello world'
print(f'converting to upper case: {pipeline_in}')
queue_AB = asyncio.Queue()
queue_BC = asyncio.Queue()
stepA = asyncio.create_task(do_stepA(queue_AB, pipeline_in))
stepB = asyncio.create_task(do_stepB(queue_AB, queue_BC))
stepC = asyncio.create_task(do_stepC(queue_BC))
await stepA
print('step A done')
await queue_AB.join()
print('queue A - B done')
stepB.cancel() # no more date is going to show up at B
await queue_BC.join()
print('queue B - C done')
stepC.cancel() # no more date is going to show up at C
print(f'main complete, result: {result}')
print('program complete')
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