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Created September 20, 2009 14:30
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task :deploy do
puts 'Deploying site to Heroku ...'
puts `git push heroku`
puts 'Running database migrations ...'
puts `heroku rake db:migrate`
release_name = "release-#{"%Y%m%d%H%M%S")}"
puts "Tagging release as '#{release_name}'"
puts `git tag -a #{release_name} -m 'Tagged release'`
puts `git push --tags heroku`
puts 'All done!'
task :rollback do
releases = `git tag`.split("\n").select { |t| t[0..7] == 'release-' }.sort
current_release = releases.last
previous_release = releases[-2] if releases.length >= 2
if previous_release
puts "Rolling back to '#{previous_release}' ..."
puts `git push -f heroku #{previous_release}:master`
puts "Deleting rollbacked release '#{current_release}' ..."
puts `git tag -d #{current_release}`
puts `git push heroku :refs/tags/#{current_release}`
puts 'All done!'
puts "No release tags found - can't roll back!"
puts releases
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