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Created June 14, 2012 19:26
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Podio app auth + read item example (Restsharp reference required)
using System;
using RestSharp;
using RestSharp.Deserializers;
namespace Podio
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
var client = new RestClient();
client.BaseUrl = "";
var request = new RestRequest();
request.Resource = "/oauth/token?grant_type=app&app_id=XXXXX&app_token=XXXXX&client_id=XXXXX&client_secret=XXXXX";
request.Method = Method.POST;
request.RequestFormat = DataFormat.Json;
var response = client.Execute<OauthToken>(request);
var token = response.Data;
request = new RestRequest();
request.Method = Method.GET;
request.RequestFormat = DataFormat.Json;
request.AddParameter("oauth_token", token.access_token);
request.Resource = "/item/XXXXX";
var response2 = client.Execute(request);
class OauthToken
public string access_token { get; set; }
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