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What would you like to do?
Arms/Shoulders (triceps, biceps).
30 minutes cardio (or 3 miles, which ever takes longer)
Pullup set (assisted if you can't do real pullups) 5 reps * 3 (repeat for at least 3 different grip variations)
Tricep dips (assisted if needed, otherwise use machine)
Shoulder press, etc
Add in whatever arms you like here
End with burn outs
30 minutes cardio (or 3 miles, which ever takes longer), or rowing (rowing is better today)
Bench press (5 reps * 3 sets) (incline, decline, normal)
Weighted Rowing (reps, not cardio rowing)
Lawnmowers, etc
End with pushup burnouts
Just do it, fuck off your excuses and do it.
Leg press
Hip flexors
Calf raises
I like to end with calf raises because I hate myself
Stretching/Abs or yoga.
Don't act like this is a rest day, do lots of stretching. Flexibility should improve
Repeat, 1 rest day a week. Add in abs every other day.
Cals in Vs Cals out.
Breakfast: protein bar/shake ~200-300 calories
Lunch: salad (no ranch, that's bad fats, fatty)
Lettuce, 2 hardboiled eggs, grilled chicken (turkey is good too), cucumber, broccoli, some cheese (cheese is good protein too).
GO EASY ON THE DRESSING. Use a balsamic vinegar, or a low fat italian if you hate balsamic.
~500-700 calories depending on the size of the salad
I do the gym after work, so I have a protein shake after work. ~300 calories.
Chicken breast (10oz approx) (season with salt, pepper, garlic, sear for best flavor)
Rice (jasmine, not the best rice, but better. Good starch)
Broccoli (raw/steamed)
~800-1000 calories
Total calories in/day:
Typical calories burned (according to fitbit)/day:
Watch the calories, this is an aggressive diet plan, but it is filling I promise!

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@rlemon rlemon commented Sep 25, 2017

veg is filling. I'd add in some spinach or kale and remove the chicken at lunch. protein absorption is a fickle science, but it looks like you might be overdoing it. your shakes and dinner should be enough (and it should make your plan cheaper).

but do read up about it.

Otherwise it looks good, I'd leave off all salad dressings. but I'm okay with that.

I also don't like isolation workouts. super-set all day errday boi.


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@RUJodan RUJodan commented Sep 25, 2017

Excellent point lemon, aim for 90g of protein (recommended by my old nutritionist) per day for muscle gaining. Probably less for fat loss

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