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Kali Linux 2.0 Auto Update and Upgrade script to apt-get update and upgrade in one shot and run apt-autoclean.
echo -e "K@l1 L1N4X upd4t3 $cr1pt"
echo "Press ENTER to continue, CTRL+C to abort."
read input
echo -e "\e[1;36m[+] Updating Kali. Please wait.\e[0m"
apt-get update -y > /dev/null && apt-get upgrade -y > /dev/null && apt-get dist-upgrade -y > /dev/null
echo -e "Kali is now up to date.\n"
echo -e "\e[1;36m[+] Cleaning Kali. Please wait.\e[0m"
apt-get autoclean -y > /dev/null && apt-get clean -y > /dev/null
echo -e "\e[1;36m[+] Kali is now less dirty...Follow me on Twitter @radeleon415"
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