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@RabidFire RabidFire/package.json Secret
Created Oct 26, 2012

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Command Line Output
info: Creating snapshot 0.1.5-9
info: Updating app paceable-staging
info: Activating snapshot 0.1.5-9 for paceable-staging
info: Starting app paceable-staging
error: Error running command deploy
error: Nodejitsu Error (500): Internal Server Error
warn: Error returned from Nodejitsu
error: Error: socket hang up
error: at createHangUpError (http.js:1264:15)
error: at Socket.socketOnEnd (http.js:1352:23)
error: at TCP.onread (net.js:418:26)
help: For help with this error contact Nodejitsu Support:
help: webchat: <>
help: irc: <irc://>
help: email: <>
help: Copy and paste this output to a gist (
info: Nodejitsu not ok
"name": "paceable-staging",
"subdomain": "paceable-staging",
"domains": [
"scripts": {
"start": "app.js"
"version": "0.1.5-9",
"engines": {
"node": ">= 0.8.0"
"analyze": false,
"private": true,
"dependencies": {
"async": "0.1.22",
"config": "0.4.x",
"connect-flash": "0.1.x",
"express": "3.0.0",
"imap": "0.5.x",
"jade": "0.27.x",
"less-middleware": "0.1.x",
"mailer": "0.6.7",
"mongoose": "3.1.x",
"mongoose-schema-extend": "0.1.1",
"passport": "0.1.x",
"passport-google-oauth": "0.1.x",
"redis": "0.8.1",
"sendgrid": "0.2.x",
"": "0.9.x",
"sugar": "1.3.x",
"underscore": "1.4.2",
"xoauth2": "0.1.x"
"bundledDependencies": [
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