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Last active Nov 25, 2019
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Project Ideas

Biohack Tracker

I'm constantly experimenting with different biohacks: nootropics, diets, anti-aging, etc. I'd like to have a way of tracking and comparing results at different stages.

Core functionality

  • One timeline with variable scale days-weeks-months that goes from left to right
  • Each experiment is a line (from - to) and lines are stacked vertically
  • Experiment information
    • on hover - specific interval details (ex: notes for day 25, notes for week 1)
    • on select - all interval details (list of all notes)
    • product info - each product has a DB entry with id, name, color, etc. to easily identify if results are repeatable
  • Progress pictures can be added to the timeline but they won't be tied to one experiment. You can have multiple tracks of pics (face, body, etc.) and you should be able to compare them side by side.
  • Interval summary - For each unit of time (days, weeks) you should get a summary of: what was taken with dosages, notes for each experiment, daily notes and progress pics if any.

Irritation AI

Use machine learning to predict if cosmetics product (face wash) will irritate your skin. Feed a machine learning algorithm multiple products and mark them as irritating or non-irritating. See predictions for future purchases.

  • Each product has a: title, picture and ingredients list
  • Each ingredient will receive a score based on how present it is in irritating products and not in non-irritating ones
  • Separately, each product will receive a prediction on how irritating it might be based on the ingredients list of past products
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