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How to stop ESLint/XO CRLF linebreak-style warnings in Windows

If you clone a git repo that enforces a linebreak-style: unix on a Windows machine then ESLint will probably throw the warning below even if you've made no local changes.

Expected linebreaks to be LF but found CRLF.  linebreak-style

In order to fix this you'll need to tell git to default to Unix style line endings rather that OS defaults.

git config --global core.eol lf
git config --global core.autocrlf input

Finally remember to save your work and then reset the repo so the new line endings get applied.

git rm -rf --cached .
git reset HEAD --hard

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@dekdekbaloo dekdekbaloo commented Jul 5, 2018

Thank you! Saved me a lot of trouble :)


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@qluqua qluqua commented Jul 12, 2019

it works! :)


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@AakashRamavat AakashRamavat commented May 9, 2021

Worked! Thanks

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