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Last active December 13, 2017 04:04
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A class to demonstrate the different operations on heaps.
def parent(i):
return i/2
def left(i):
return 2*i
def right(i):
return (2*i + 1)
class Heap:
def __init__(self, someList):
self.heap = someList
self.currSize = len(someList)
self.heap.insert(0, 0)
def swap(self, a, b):
temp = self.heap[a]
self.heap[a] = self.heap[b]
self.heap[b] = temp
def insert(self, elem):
index = len(self.heap)
self.currSize += 1
par = parent(index)
flag = 0
while flag != 1:
if index == 1:
flag = 1
elif self.heap[par] > elem:
flag = 1
self.swap(par, index)
index = par
par = parent(index)
print self.heap
def extractMax(self):
if self.currSize != 0:
maxElem = self.heap[1]
self.heap[1] = self.heap[self.currSize]
self.currSize -= 1
return maxElem
def maxHeapify(self, index):
lar = index
l = left(index)
r = right(index)
#print heap
if l <= self.currSize and self.heap[l] > self.heap[lar]:
lar = l
if r <= self.currSize and self.heap[r] > self.heap[lar]:
lar = r
if lar != index:
self.swap(index, lar)
def buildHeap(self):
for i in range(self.currSize/2, 0, -1):
print self.heap
self.currSize = len(self.heap)-1
print self.heap
def heapSort(self):
for i in range(1, len(self.heap)):
print self.heap
self.heap.insert(len(self.heap)-i, self.extractMax())
self.currSize = len(self.heap)-1
print self.heap
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