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Widget _buildCategoryItem(index){
return new GestureDetector(
onTap: (){
child: new Center(
child: new Container(
margin: new EdgeInsets.only(left: 10.0),
child: new Material(
elevation: 2.0,
borderRadius: const BorderRadius.all(const Radius.circular(25.0)),
child: new Container(
padding: new EdgeInsets.only(left: 12.0,top: 7.0,bottom: 7.0,right: 12.0),
color: _category_selected == index ?[800][500],
child: new Text(_categorys[index],
style: new TextStyle(
color: Colors.white),
setState(() {
_category_selected = index;
//Realiza chamada de serviço para atualizar as noticias de acordo com a categoria selecionada
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