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This short tutorial describes how to set up the RoboFont shell's command as an external tool in PyCharm:

  1. Go to Preferences…/External Tools

  2. hit + button

  3. in the "Name" field put something like "RoboFont Output"

     > in following steps, you need to pay attention to fill the entries precisely the same way as described
  4. in "Program" write roboFont

  5. in "Arguments" write -p $FilePath$

  6. in Working directory write $Projectpath$

Optionally you can choose the name of the group for this tool. It is set to External Tools by default hit Ok and then Apply in the preference window. Now you should be able to run your pycharm scripts by going to Tools > External Tools > RoboFont Output or by going to right click menu > External Tools > RoboFont Output. In preferences, you will be able to set the keystroke to that command.

Before you use the Build system make sure you have installed Robofont as shell command by going to Robofont Preferences > Extensions > Shell and click on the install button. To make sure that it's installed correctly write robofont in the terminal and hit return. For Robofont shell command to work correctly you probably need to install PyObjC in terminal using pip3.


Based on similar stuff by @typoman typoman/Robofont.sublime-build

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