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Assuming you have a mimikatz dump named "mimikatz_dump.txt", I made these bash one-liners that will reformat the mimikatz output to "domain\user:password"
First, before using these parsers, run: "dos2unix mimikatz_dump.txt"
Mimikatz 1.0:
cat mimikatz_dump.txt | grep -P '((Utilisateur principal)|(msv1_0)|(kerberos)|(ssp)|(wdigest)|(tspkg))\s+:\s+.+' | grep -v 'n\.' | sed -e 's/^\s\+[^:]*:\s\+//' | sed -e 's/Utilisateur principal\s\+:\s\+\(.*\)$/\n\1/' | sort -u
Mimikatz 2.0 (unfortunately, you must "apt-get install pcregrep" because reasons):
cat mimikatz_dump.txt | pcregrep -M 'Username\s+:\s+[^\s]+\n.*Domain\s+:\s+[^\s]+\n.*Password\s+:\s+[^\s]+\n' | sed "s/'/\\\'/" | xargs -L 3 echo | grep -v '\(null\)' | sed -e 's/* Username : //g;s/* Domain ://g;s/* Password ://g' | awk '{print $2 "\\" $1 ":" $3}' | sort -u
Pretty useful!
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