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Created Feb 23, 2013
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# RING of R-Rows C-cols in the center of width w cells
seedCenterRing <- function(r, c, wide){
for(x in as.integer((areaW-c)/2): as.integer((areaW + c)/2)){
for(y in as.integer((areaH-r)/2): as.integer((areaH + r)/2)){
area_df[x,y] <<- 1
#scoop out the inner ring
for(x in as.integer((areaW-c)/2 + wide): as.integer((areaW + c)/2 - wide)){
for(y in as.integer((areaH-r)/2+wide): as.integer((areaH + r)/2- wide )){
area_df[x,y] <<- 0
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