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A demo project for the 2.7" ePaper HAT from Waveshare, using the display and the buttons
import sys
sys.path.insert(1, "./lib")
import epd2in7b
from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont
from gpiozero import Button
btn = Button(5)
epd = epd2in7b.EPD()
def printToDisplay(string):
HBlackImage ='1', (epd2in7b.EPD_HEIGHT, epd2in7b.EPD_WIDTH), 255)
HRedImage ='1', (epd2in7b.EPD_HEIGHT, epd2in7b.EPD_WIDTH), 255)
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(HBlackImage) # Create draw object and pass in the image layer we want to work with (HBlackImage)
font = ImageFont.truetype('/usr/share/fonts/truetype/google/Bangers-Regular.ttf', 30) # Create our font, passing in the font file and font size
draw.text((25, 65), string, font = font, fill = 0)
epd.display(epd.getbuffer(HBlackImage), epd.getbuffer(HRedImage))
def handleBtnPress():
printToDisplay("Hello, World!")
btn.when_pressed = handleBtnPress
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