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David Preece RantyDave

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RantyDave / CMakeLists.txt
Created Jul 9, 2018
CMake file to enable and link c++ 17 using the XCode 10 beta
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cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 3.11)
set(CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/clang++)
include_directories(SYSTEM /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/include/c++/v1)
add_executable(YOUR_PROJECT_NAME file another_file)
RantyDave /
Last active Oct 28, 2017
Produces a price list for EC2 instances in the current region
# David Preece, 2017
# In the public domain, provided "as is", author disclaims all warranties yah de yah de yah
# pip3 import requests
import json
import requests
def float_ecu(ecu):
if ecu == "Variable":
RantyDave /
Created Jun 24, 2017
Incrementally allocating memory
import sys
base_alloc = bytearray(int(sys.argv[1])*1024*1024*1024)
extensions = []
while True:
print("Append 128MB")
RantyDave / root-in-opt
Created May 17, 2017
An SMF service that moves a SmartOS root directory onto the persistent storage
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mkdir -p /opt/root
mkdir -p /opt/root/.ssh
cd /
cp /root/.* /opt/root
cp /root/.ssh/* /opt/root/.ssh
rm -rf /root
ln -s /opt/root
touch /opt/root/.forward
echo 'real@email' > /opt/root/.forward
RantyDave / varnish.xml
Created May 8, 2017
SMF manifest for the Varnish cache
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<?xml version='1.0'?>
Copy to /opt/custom/smf
Assumes Varnish was built on SmartOS with configure --prefix=/opt/local --mandir=/opt/local/man
By default it looks for a backend at localhost:8000 ... create one quickly with 'python3 -m http.server'
<!DOCTYPE service_bundle SYSTEM "/usr/share/lib/xml/dtd/service_bundle.dtd.1">
<service_bundle type='manifest' name='varnish'>
<service name='network/varnish' type='service' version='1'>
<create_default_instance enabled='true' />
RantyDave / cache.cpp
Created Mar 18, 2017
So, it turns out that memory *is* a long piece of magnetic tape.
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// c++ -O3 -std=c++11 cache.cpp
#include <time.h>
#include <random>
#include <stdio.h>
using namespace std;
const int n_cachelines=65536;
const int bytes_cacheline=64;
RantyDave /
Created May 27, 2016
Limit the SmartOS (and Solaris?) ARC to a maximum of 256Mb. Works live, no reboot needed :)
echo "arc_stats::print -a arcstat_p.value.ui64" | mdb -kw > value.ui64
ui64=$(cat value.ui64)
echo "${ui64:0:16}/Z 0x10000000" | mdb -kw
echo "arc_stats::print -a arcstat_c.value.ui64" | mdb -kw > value.ui64
ui64=$(cat value.ui64)
echo "${ui64:0:16}/Z 0x10000000" | mdb -kw
echo "arc_stats::print -a arcstat_c_max.value.ui64" | mdb -kw > value.ui64
ui64=$(cat value.ui64)
echo "${ui64:0:16}/Z 0x10000000" | mdb -kw
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