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Last active Nov 8, 2019
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For Jake

I restricted these to client-only QoL features that I thought were small.

  • Reverse sorting search
  • Group by Guild in Emoji panel so you can see what guild an emoji is in
  • Disabling "GIF" or "Gift" buttons in the message box
  • Hover over for complete timestamp on messages
    • Maybe the same for embed timestamps?
  • More time information in call messages (e.g. how long it lasted for) (I know it's provided in the message since I have it in
  • Lock channels so you don't accidentally move them by dragging (this one might be less trivial iunno)
  • Character count indicator for knowing if you're reaching 2000 characters. too hard apparently
  • Ability to search through user notes? Could make them more useful and allow to use it for tagging purposes.
    • This one requires a lot more UI though so it's probably not in the same scale as these.
  • Search by user ID in from:
  • Favourite and pin some DMs/groups to the top
    • I've seen you do this one before actually.
  • Add a toggle to turn everything on or off in the server permissions modal when creating roles.
    • That way you can make a role with 0 permissions (e.g. for mutes or other meta roles)
  • Skip pages in search results
    • Inputting a manual page will be great
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