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Created Dec 20, 2015
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R. Danny v3.0.0

R. Danny v3.0.0 ideas:

  • Fully asyncio rewrite.
    • Will use the async branch (or v0.10.0) when it becomes available.
  • Authority system based on permissions/roles.
    • e.g. Manage Messages -> !cleanup is valid
    • e.g. Bot Mod -> can call bot commands without having the permissions themselves
    • This will make it easier for people to administrate on servers I'm not on.
  • Remove cronjob and pass it in as a background task to the event loop
    • Lowers the need of dependencies by quite a bit.
  • !profile & co. should use a new Profile class that handles profile creation for you.
    • Use a special json serializer and deserializer that is backwards compat with the config format.
  • Revamp the way commands are written that supports actual subcommands and logical groups.
    • Add a way to disable those logical groups on a per server basis or globally.
    • Add a way to ignore specific servers and channels.
    • More configuration in a server specific way.
      • e.g. server specific tags
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