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Created April 1, 2021 10:38
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This function is responsible for training student data through face recognition and storing it in a database. The whole training process involves preprocessing the image and the model generation
def train(train_dir, model_save_path = "", n_neighbors = None, knn_algo = 'ball_tree', verbose=True):
X = []
y = []
z = 0
for class_dir in listdir(train_dir):
if not isdir(join(train_dir, class_dir)):
for img_path in image_files_in_folder(join(train_dir, class_dir)):
image = face_recognition.load_image_file(img_path)
faces_bboxes = face_locations(image)
if len(faces_bboxes) != 1:
if verbose:
print("image {} not fit for training: {}".format(img_path, "didn't find a face" if len(faces_bboxes) < 1 else "found more than one face"))
z = z + 1
X.append(face_recognition.face_encodings(image, known_face_locations=faces_bboxes)[0])
train_dir_f = listdir(train_dir+"/"+id_folder)
for i in range(len(train_dir_f)):
return render_template("upload.html",msg1="training data empty, upload again")
elif(z >= 1):
return render_template("upload.html",msg1="Data trained for "+id_folder+", But one of the image not fit for trainning")
if n_neighbors is None:
n_neighbors = int(round(sqrt(len(X))))
if verbose:
print("Chose n_neighbors automatically as:", n_neighbors)
knn_clf = neighbors.KNeighborsClassifier(n_neighbors=n_neighbors, algorithm=knn_algo, weights='distance'), y)
if model_save_path != "":
with open(model_save_path, 'wb') as f:
pickle.dump(knn_clf, f)
return render_template("upload.html",msg1="Data trained for "+ id_folder)
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