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Last active Oct 24, 2020
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Useful List tricks in Python
#List traversal
range(start, stop, hop)
range(n) # [0,1,...,n-1]
range(1,n) # [1,...,n-1]
range(1,n,2) # [1,3,5,...,n-1] if n is even, or [1,3,5,...,n-2] if n is odd
range(n,-1,-1) # [n,n-1,n-2,...,0]
range(len(arr)) # Provides indices of an array arr
range(len(arr)-1,-1,-1) # Provides indices of arr backwards
# List slicing
arr[w:s] # Wait w elements, start copy (:), stop before reaching index s
arr = [1,2,3,4]
arr[1:] = [2,3,4]
arr[:2] = [1,2]
#List manipulation
arr = [1,2,3]
[str(x) for x in arr] # Output: ['1','2','3']
map(lambda x: str(x), arr) # Output: ['1','2','3']
[str(x) for x in arr if x%2] # Output: ['1','3']
# List as queue
arr = [1,2,3]
arr.append(x) # queue.push(x)
arr.pop(0) #queue.pop()
arr[0] #queue.peek()
# List as stack
arr = [1,2,3]
arr.append(x) #stack.push(x)
arr.pop() # stack.pop()
arr[-1] # stack.peek()

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@travis-cramer travis-cramer commented Oct 5, 2018

Hi Ratul, thanks for these useful Python tips. I'm really enjoying your medium article as well ( as I study for my upcoming interview.
Just a quick question:
About these "list as queue" and "list as stack" operations at the bottom of this file (they're really nice and pythonic--I love it, but), don't the push and pop methods occur in O(n) time whereas a properly implemented queue/stack would take O(1) time?
After reading into it a little more, it looks like the only method that gives us some time complexity "trouble" is:

  • arr.pop(0) would take O(n) whereas a properly implemented queue would take O(1)

The rest, arr.append(x), arr.pop(), and of course the "peeks" would be O(1) just like a properly implemented queue/stack.
What are your thoughts here?


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@kennychenfs kennychenfs commented Aug 9, 2019

You should add:
Nice job!


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@offthewallace offthewallace commented Jul 25, 2020

arr[::-1]=[4,3,2,1] I just find this reverse string pretty cool


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@harih1290 harih1290 commented Oct 24, 2020

list last number

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