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Basics of TecraCoin console commands need for masternode update

TecraCoin console basics

QT console commands

Get new address (twice)

Get "ownerAddress" and "payoutAddress"

"ownerAddress" need to be unique - you can register only one masternode using one address.


Get list of usable outputs

Get "collateralHash" and "collateralIndex"

evotnode outputs

Generate new masternode keypair

Get "operatorPubKey" (public) and "tnodeblsprivkey" (secret).

This key pair is unique - you can register only one masternode per key pair.

bls generate

Find address to use for network fee payment

Get "feeSourceAddress"

listaddressbalances 0.1

Unlock wallet for 60 seconds

walletpassphrase "YourWalletPassword" 60

Register masternode in new system

protx register "collateralHash" "collateralIndex" "ip:Port" "ownerAddress" "operatorPubKey" "" 0 "payoutAddress" "feeSourceAddress"

TecraCoin commands on masternode server, update to new system

Download and unpack tnode.tar.gz

rm -rf tecracoin-1.*  #delete all old versions
rm -f tnode.tar.gz    #delete old tnode zip file if exist
wget   #download binary from github
tar xzf tnode.tar.gz  #unpack to ./bin/ directory

Stop daemon

bin/tecracoin-cli stop

Minimum entry in masternode .tecracoin/tecracoin.conf

Can be edited using nano, vi, mcedit…

server = 1                  #accept commands from tecracoin-cli
daemon = 1                  #start in background
tnode = 1                   #this is a tnode
tnodeblsprivkey = xxxxx     #new system
externalip = xx.xx.x.xx     #if more than one IP on machine 

Start daemon


Node information

bin/tecracoin-cli getinfo

Masternode status

bin/tecracoin-cli tnode status


Autostart daemon on boot

crontab -e  #start crontab editor

add line

@reboot /root/bin/tecracoind

Peek end of log file

tail .tecracoin/debug.log

Peek and follow end of log (break by crtl+c)

tail -f .tecracoin/debug.log
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